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Since 2005, Sia Partners team of experts have been delivering value to clients in the UK and Ireland, supporting them to realise business objectives, and developing their resource capabilities to become more customer centric and increase competitive advantage.

We are a highly focused, specialist and pragmatic consultancy, grounded in core capabilities with expertise in technology solutions, expert programme and project execution, and strategic thinking.

Our unique approach is based on the creation of better listening environments that serve as a foundation for building stronger and more committed teams in your organisation. We work in a way that builds confidence among your team to act and address the challenges of delivering business objectives, ensuring the future sustainability of your organisation.

Our promise is our difference – we remain committed to our client until the results are achieved.

The Sia Partners

We believe given the opportunity and the right help, teams and individuals will deliver significant, sustainable improvement themselves.

Rather than maintaining separation, our experience tells us that the link between strategic goals and the coalface must be maintained at all times if a business is to thrive. The only way to do this is to involve those delivering and shaping that strategy, and the resulting change.

We don’t want to work with you forever.

Sound odd? Our approach is built on the principle of building capability into people, so they are in significantly better condition than when we arrived. We guard nothing, we share everything, and we transfer knowledge and skill. It is a core deliverable of all our engagements. Our role is to show people the way in which this can be achieved, but we must get them to walk the journey themselves if it is to be sustainable; we collaborate, co-invent and ensure responsibility is clear. Our aim is to set you and your team up for success.

You know your business, and together we create one high performing team.

In working together, we help you realise a better way. We bring our expertise to the table to show you the impact of wasteful activity, wasteful conversations, and poor co-ordination; all of which when improved have significant impacts on business performance and importantly, the people in it.

What type of work do we typically do?

Simply put, we are in the business of solving business problems and creating positive change.

This could be where either a competitive threat exists that needs to be averted, where a significant opportunity exists to grow the business, or where ongoing performance improvement is required to ensure value is provided to customers and shareholders. We are experts in helping our clients.


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