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Consultants in Management
Ireland: +353 1 910 8908
UK: +44 131 54 99 000

Business Transformation

At Pathfinder, we define waste in organisations as anything that damages or restricts their capacity to have good relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.

looking for direction

Waste is always an assessment, it is not absolute. Pathfinder believes waste is best defined as any activity which does not create value. As a business transformation partner we get under the covers of your company, we identify and evaluate the waste you often cannot see. We then work with you to minimise it with a view to improving customer loyalty (customer loyalty measurement improvement) and sales performance while reducing operating costs.

Our Business Transformation programmes consistently achieve significant performance improvement for our clients’ business by narrowing the gaps that divide individuals and teams from each other, and ultimately, from their customers.

How we help

We are intensely aware that business results can only be achieved by our clients. In fact, this is the only way that change can be sustained. As change management consultants our role is to take responsibility for delivering the business outcomes, bring new insights, disclose new possibilities, while guiding and supporting you to achieve business results.

Turning insight into profit

We begin with the commitments you make to your customers, stakeholders and your people, we walk through the value chain, identifying any waste along the way. We reveal any consequences of the current design and we focus the organisation at all levels on how the optimum value can be realised.Building together

Making it happen

We introduce new habits, practices and positive tensions, which results in bringing together diverse functions within your company. Advancing them towards a single focus and a shared purpose, whilst taking into account individuals’ concerns and ambitions. 

Examples of our work

  • We work with a wide range of companies in various sectors in Dublin, Ireland and the UK including in the dairy sector.
  • In 2013 we worked with a major UK water service provider (i.e.utility) to build a team that would be capable of radically improving performance and services, starting with the service centre and then moving across the entire value chain. A significant change programme that delivered audited results.
  • Implemented a complex initiative to improve customer acquisition and retention through providing superior customer experience for a client in financial services.
  • We supported a client in the Irish Public Sector to implement a solution that delivered radical improvement in performance and customer service.
  • We led the programme to restructure the debt recovery team for a UK National Utility provider and the implementation of new processes to manage the increase in volume, regulatory demands and their public reputation.
  • We assisted a utility client to retain its competitive advantage by designing and launching a new set of value-added services to its customers.
  • Please see our case studies for more details or email Mike McKay directly with any specific comments or requests.