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Consultants in Management
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Programme Execution

Standard project management activities such as reporting, planning and risk management are hygiene factors. Delivering business results demands leadership, commitment and conviction. We take early ownership of the desired outcome and work with the strengths and confinements of your organisation to achieve the desired results.




As leading project management consultants in Ireland, for us, a project is a network of promises that people make to each other to achieve a certain business result.  The project’s success or failure depends on our ability to coordinate impeccably and our willingness to support each other so as to ensure that collectively, we all follow through on our commitments.

How we help

We take responsibility for delivering challenging business results, creating sufficient headroom for your senior team to maintain performance whilst a change directive is taking place. 

Preparing and mobilising action

First, we get to know your business environment by listening to the business owner, sponsor, stakeholders and all influential teams.  We want to understand the ambitions, expectations and potential hurdles, as well as any concerns Programme Executionthat may exist.  Together, we then work to agree the required outcomes, a set of deliverables and the network of commitments that needs to be in place.

 We set up the project for success by working with your teams and suppliers to build relationships, produce a milestone plan and obtain commitments.  At all times assessing the capacity and capability of the project teams to fulfil their promises.


Making it happen

We manage in order to deliver business results; not just the fulfilment of actions and activities. To do this efficiently and consistently, we work to ensure that appropriate governance and reportingProgramme Governance processes are in place, whilst pursuing authentic and inclusive communication.  For us, authenticity means remaining true to our purpose; which is always about achieving the required business results.

Managing for results entails continuous assessment of our confidence in people to deliver on their promises, regularly reviewing the validity of project deliverables against the required business outcome and making the right interventions at the right time. Often, the right intervention is simply supporting people when they need it.

 Examples of our work

  • We led the implementation of a new general insurance business for one of our financial sector clients. This entailed implementing a total business solution for sales and service functions, establishing a new infrastructure, setting up a 1,000 seat call centre across two locations, defining roles, hiring and training staff.  Implemented ahead of schedule in less than 18 months.
  • A €750 million turnover business in the dairy industry had an ambition to improve the efficiency of its milk processing through the design of new processes and the replacement of legacy systems. We led the design and implementation of a solution which included fully integrated POS and milk management systems with a Tier 1 ERP system.   Full system change over completed on time and cost schedule.
  • One of Irelands pillar financial institutions asked us to lead the design and implementation of a merger between two different card issuing businesses operating in Ireland and the UK. The result of this initiative was a single card issuing business with the skills and the capacity to support both markets more efficientlyand a the business which complied with regulatory authorities in both jurisdictions, delivered better customer service and provided a basis for expansion into new niche markets.
  • Mobilising for the first time a cross-functional team representing all stakeholders in the debit card business, Pathfinder project management consultants led the design and implementation of a debit card strategy for one of the largest Irish retail banks. This project included outsourcing debit card processing to an international card processing centre, as well as the rollout of a new international debit card to two million customers across three jurisdictions.  A significant, multifaceted project, delivered on cost and time schedule.
  • When the second largest global pharmaceutical organisation chose our client (a CRO) as the outsource partner for a drug trial, it demanded that our client provide full transparency of all related activities. This meant total integration of systems in the two diverse organisations. Pathfinder led and delivered on this challenge. 
  • Please see our case studies for more details or contact us for a copy of our current industry sector report.