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Digital Change

Thanks to advances in ICT and web technology, every business can be a digital business, regardless of size or previous market position. Digital is resetting the rules in all industries, affecting the way we run our businesses, service our customers and discover new business opportunities. We will support you to change and adapt in order to align your business and how it operates in an increasingly digital world.

The term 'digital business' can be difficult to pin down. Some digital practitioners sound like they speak a different

Let’s leverage the power of the cloud to accentuate big data insights so we can create App-driven customer intimacy through restricted deployment of clickbait and analytics, all the while conforming to OWASP standards and with reference to DPC regulations on an SAAS platform. – Yes! Lets!

Digital is about change. It is about adapting and learning from your customers, your prospects, your employees, your competitors and your suppliers. Properly targeted digital investment offers competitive advantages in the form of increased efficiencies, market intelligence, effectiveness and new business models. Importantly, digital systems produce data. This measurable output means that digital systems are inherently dynamic and self-correcting.

The data from digital systems is already determining who learns most and has the best insight into your customers. As such, digital requires constant alignment and optimisation in order to extract full value. Digital is about constant change.

How we help

Pathfinder make it simple. Digital business is about using ICT technology in a different way, to actually transform your What digital do I use

business. It’s a matter of understanding what these buzz words mean, what digital technology can do and how you apply these concepts to your unique business. That’s what we do.

We understand the technology, we understand the capabilities it opens up and we understand how it applies to real business. We want to share that with you.

At Pathfinder we assist you to achieve alignment of your investments in technology with your business strategy, (some call this ‘digitisation’, but we try to avoid jargon!).

We help you to understand the benefits of digital change, the key drivers and how you can implement a results driven programme of constant change. We do this by making digital relevant for your business and we avoid unnecessary implementation of technology.

What can Digital Change do for my business?

To understand digital we need to look at what systems your organisation uses – they span supply chain, online and offline sales channels, CRM systems, marketing, accounts, customer service and more. All these systems present an opportunity to get closer to your customer, reduce costs or develop new commercial opportunities. The questions you need to answer are, are these systems digitised, should they be, (if so, to what benefit), and, finally, how can the optimum level of digital integration be achieved?

Digital encompasses and reinforces three primary business objectives:

  1. To offer an excellent Customer Experience
  2. Operate Efficiently
  3. Develop New Business Opportunities

Making it happen

We work with you to effect results driven digital change. Our proven methodology encompasses the following phases: Digital Review -> Solution Design -> Implementation Plan -> KPI and Scorecard Set-up (ensuring continuous improvement in a benchmarked setting).

Pathfinder are experts in implementing change across many sectors including: Financial Services, Agri-business, Utilities and Public Sector.

Like to know more? Call or email: Gary O'Sullivan directly anytime.