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Consultants in Management
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Extend your capability - Coaching in Action

Companies are under constant pressure to reduce their external costs. At the coachingsame time, senior managers may lack the capacity and/or the capability in their teams to implement the necessary changes. That is why hiring consultants is something that is often done reluctantly.

To build authentic relationships consultancy companies should design each of their engagements with clients in a way that renders the consultant redundant. As consultants in management this is a core part of what we do at Pathfinder.

The challenge

The need for additional capacity is often a temporary issue, and is easily managed by using contracting resources. However, building new capabilities among existing teams always presents a challenge. Organisations may invest in training courses, but classroom training only provides theoretical knowledge. True know-how is achieved by doing and learning from our mistakes. The challenge is that in today’s business environment mistakes cannot be left unnoticed for any considerable length.

Our approachlead

In all our engagements, we create an environment that facilitates true learning for our clients while enabling the delivery of business results within tight deadlines. We achieve this by assigning our experts to take responsibility for the delivery while working with our client’s staff to get the job done. We lead, manage and subtly coach through doing and getting results.

Management coaching

Our clients often become interested in introducing our methodology to their project managers and programme managers. In order to meet such requests, we have developed a result-centric management coaching programmes which immediately impacts the rate of success of participant’s in-flight projects. We don’t provide a set training course, rather, we work with our clients to deliver business results by supporting them to adopt a set of new practices.

Building cohesive teams

The most common interpretation of elimination of waste originates from manufacturing. Learning teamAs a result, we intuitively view it as a mechanistic change to people’s activities. In practice, the most unexploited waste that exists in companies is caused by divisions, which are inherent in the way businesses are organised. Our processes and structures separate customers from companies, individuals from their teams and business functions from each other.

People generally, blatantly or otherwise, act to fulfil their own KPIs, with little awareness of the business value, customer experience or impact that their actions may cause elsewhere. In order to eliminate the waste caused by such practices, we need to cultivate new behaviours in teams. With that in mind, we have used the learning team concept to design a process that we use to improve teams’ performance. It reveals the consequences of the teams’ current practices in a safe learning environment, and introduces a results-focused way of working.