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We are living through uncertain times. The dynamics of the market have shifted, and the way in which customers demand your services has changed. Possibly forever. The way that your business currently operates and has operated, and how it services your customers’ needs will need to react accordingly, but the question is how?

There are two clear questions that every single business needs to be considering right now:

  1. How do we make it through this period of uncertainty in one piece?

  2. What do we do differently once we have made it through?


Big questions often feel like they require big answers; a eureka moment, where the stars align, and inspiration strikes. However, more often than not, the opposite is true. By breaking down these, at times, seemingly overwhelming questions into smaller, clearly defined, pieces, a path forward can be found. A plan to work towards, a congruent approach that can shape your actions and the actions of your team towards a unified goal. And all of a sudden, you know what your next steps need to be. You have found clarity in uncertain times.

At Pathfinder, we have taken time to think and break down these overarching questions and have brought together a staged approach to helping our partners find that clarity.



Given the current landscape, the immediate priority must be on sustaining your business. Ensuring that there is a solid foundation on which your business can operate for the coming months, and which can eventually be built upon.

We can help you to carry out a short, sharp, analysis to identify the best propositions that you have in your toolbox at serving your customers’ needs and generating cashflow.  To help you identify what are the products and services that you provide to your customers that YOU can rely on? What is in most demand? What will they always need? What will they always want? What is actually accessible to them during this period of isolation? These products or services are what are going to be the lifeblood of your business for the immediate future.

Next, you need to align this proposition with the best way of delivering it to your customers. You need to ensure that the right operating model is in place to:

  • Deliver product to customers in the most cost-efficient way possible
  • Ensure that every single person who wants it can get it
  • Quickly and professionally re-direct resources away from the less immediately valuable areas, to these priority areas

Essentially, what you need to ask yourself is – how can I get the most value from what I have?

We will work with your teams to align your best propositions with the most effective operating model, determining how to leverage automation and the use of technology to remove waste across your value chain. Identify how you can serve customers better through multiple channels and how best to deploy your resources to maximise returns. This will allow you to sustain your business through the upcoming difficult times. Once you have these structures in place, and your newly pivoted operating model embedded, this will enable you to look a little bit further down the path.


Once you have steadied the ship, it’s time to plot a course for where you want to go.

Nobody knows how long the pandemic will last, it is hoped that it will be short lived and in the medium term, businesses can return to normal. Different sectors have been impacted in different ways and it is evident that some will bounce back quicker than others.

However, what is certain is that at some point in the future the lockdown will lift. The customer demand shock which is causing this recession will dissipate and customer demands will return. How well prepared will you be to meet this increased demand and rise to the challenge of serving your customers? Can you seize this opportunity to grow your business and expand your market share?

The foundation is already there. You built it. You took the time to put an operating model in place which combines your best propositions with an efficient way to deliver them.


Now you need to scale it. Fast.



You need to ensure that these valuable products and services can be provided to your customers at much higher volumes than you currently are and do so without massively increasing your costs. At Pathfinder, we are experts in organisational design and operating model development – we can help you to do that.


Periods of growth are what every business strives for. Any period of time which ends in a positive growth % is a good one. However, unless managed correctly, a point of diminishing returns will be encountered. Customer demands will level out at a new norm, and peak market share for your business will be achieved. There are only so many customers in a market to sell a certain thing to.


Once you have laid the foundations for your business to sustain itself, growth will be your #1 priority, but not your only priority. You have scaled your operations to surf on the crest of the wave of customer demand, but as the wave approaches the shore, you also need to begin thinking about finetuning and optimising your business for when you get there.


During these three phases, there are a number of ways to sustain, grow and optimise your business. At Pathfinder, we focus on several key interventions:



Distinct approaches which can each be implemented separately, or in concert, but with one specific goal in mind; efficiency gains and margin uplift.

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We are living in uncertain times, but that does not mean that you need to live in uncertainty. There are steps that you can take to regain your sense of clarity and purpose, and each step that you take leads you a little bit further down the path to the New Norm. We can help you take those steps.


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