Strategy in Times of Uncertainty

Director and Head of Strategy for Pathfinder, Aoife Lucey, will be speaking on the topic ‘Strategy in Times of Uncertainty’ at 6:00pm on the 22 March 2018 at the Europa Hotel in Belfast. This free talk is being organised in partnership with CIMA Ireland.

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic” – Drucker

No industry is immune from potential disruption; a truism all too real for the taxi industry with the emergence of UBER, the hotel industry with the emergence of Airbnb, the retail industry with the omnipotence of Amazon; the list goes on. Layer on top of the very real threat of disruption, the immense uncertainty generated by Brexit, global political and economic uncertainty, and many more macro factors. With such uncertainty, several fundamental questions emerge for any business Leader.

  • Is strategy even relevant in times of such deep uncertainty?
  • If so, then what type of strategy is more effective in turbulent times; a determined strategy or emerging strategy?
  • Traditional logic upon which strategy is built including; assessment of the competitive landscape, market value chains, customer needs etc. – none of which provide sufficient insight to protect a business from disruption. What is the new logic to support resilient strategy development in times of uncertainty? What are the new skills, roles and mindsets required around the strategy table and what are the emerging tools and frameworks to support strategy development in times of uncertainty.
  • At the best of times, implementing strategy to deliver desired outcomes is tough, how is this successfully achieved in times of uncertainty in 1) SME/family business, and 2) in large organisations?

Aoife will address these questions in her presentation and an interactive discussion will follow.

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