Sia Partners'TimeOut promise

Take significant time out of your critical processes. Our promise is simple – we will reduce the elapsed time in your current processes by anything from 20% minimum to upwards of 90%.

Taking time out of your organisation

Customer demands are increasing, technology is driving this shift at pace. Customers, both business and consumer, no longer tolerate long handling or processing times and are not prepared to wait. They demand improvement and they are not prepared to pay for it

‘Sia Partners has a unique approach to solving this specific problem, there is no other consulting firm using the specific blend of expertise to solve this problem in the way Sia Partners does and we deliver remarkable results

We have significant experience in diagnosing the underlying causes of waste in organisations. We invest significant effort in ensuring that diagnosis is evidenced in data and case analysis to ensure the new people, process and technology design will address the problem.

We design in sustainability from the start, our results do not fall away.

Typically, our customers come to us because they are experiencing:

  • Long elapsed time to resolve customer requests or process work
  • Backlogs of unresolved requests build up in the organisation
  • Waste: Failure demand and rework to solve issues that were created by the organisation
  • Competing priorities across functions
  • Unmatched capacity vs. demand
  • Declining or flat performance; just cant get a significant enough shift in performance

The impact, what our clients say:

  • ‘The process takes too long’
  • ‘Suffering from poor customer response’
  • ‘Sub optimal utilisation of resources’
  • ‘Visibility is lacking, predictability is low’
  • ‘Higher cost to serve’
  • ‘Pressure on staff morale’
  • ‘External threat from the competitive set’
  • ‘Need a new way of dealing with this’

Is it a problem worth solving?

Yes it is.

What you can expect from our work

  • Significantly reduced lead times, faster response; minimum 20%, up to 90% faster
  • Improved utilisation of available resources; up to 30%
  • Improved quality and reduction of failure demand; improvement of greater than 50%
  • Reliable and predictable flow of work; 10X improvement
  • Backlogs eliminated in an agreed timeframe; reduced to an acceptable (calculated) WIP level
  • A stable process that avoids building of new backlogs; demand and capacity in balance
  • Staff competent to run and sustain the new process; empowered people with purpose

Our Approach

Our expertise from working across industries, breath of approaches we tailor for specific engagements and joint team working approach differentiates us from competitors.

Our approach increases the speed at which the concern can be identified, validated with the client as they are uncovered. Our experience in solving complex problems increases the certainty of achieving the expected results and elimination of waste.

The customer and all involved is updated and kept informed where previous expectations.

The work owner follows the work to the end to ensure all concerns are addressed.

If a work package deviates from the agreed process than we have a reliable way to get the work back on track.

  • A quick and accurate triage
  • Dealt with by correctly skilled resource
  • Differentiate between between contained and uncontained decision making

Make it as simple as possible for the customer and staff.

Set clear expectations with customers of what, who and when activity will be completed.

Visibility internally for everyone of what will happen next, when and who is responsible for each work package and the overall outcome.

The work package owner will monitor the commitment of everyone’s contributions.

Our Approach

From our very first conversations, we truly listen to determine the nature of the concern and how it would best be understood. There are several dimensions where it could present itself and we can use many approaches to validate the issue and being to evaluate its impact on the business.

Typically, an initial diagnosis and design would take 6 to 8 weeks for a team of two or three working in joint teams with the client. Depending on the nature of the concern we would develop a bespoke approach similar to some of the examples below and tailor our team accordingly.



Activities during this phase will include stakeholder engagement, market, technology and environmental scan and an as-is assessment of the business (through an operational, financial or customer lens). From these and based on an understanding of business strategy, we would being to develop and design a roadmap outlining the key priorities for change underpinned by a business case for change.

Joint team working is a key factor in the speed and efficiency of the project team where both the client and Sia Partners fulfil specific roles.

“Let our clients success speak for us”

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