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Organisations are struggling to keep up with consumer demands, and most have now realised that their legacy systems are increasing their cost-to-serve at an alarming rate, while they watch their ability to innovate decline and market competitiveness fall.

Sia Partners can help you with this problem 

We are the only digital transformation consultancy that you will find that claims that this is more about people than technology, and truly understands what is required to make it work, let us explain why.

We have worked with large scale enterprises across multiple regions and sectors to deliver and mobilise Digital Transformation programmes. We believe that transformation can only occur if people change, technology can enable and accelerate what is possible, but if the people refuse to align on the outcomes and collaborate across the organisation, the results are always significantly less than expected.

What we’re hearing:

  • Our attempts at trying to go agile have cost a lot and failed to deliver.
  • We never seem to have enough capacity in IT to do the things we want.
  • There is a disconnect between IT and the Business on which comes first, Business or Digital Strategy, both suggest the other should fix it.
  • There is significant strain between the business and IT.
  • We have had lots of engagement with external partners to go digital, but it hasn’t worked.
  • We are not confident that we will make the right technology decision.
  • Getting out people aligned is the most difficult.
  • We cannot afford to get this wrong.

Typically, our clients come to us because they are experiencing:

  • Challenging customer expectations; rapidly increasing and constantly changing, while the organisation struggles to keep pace
  • Competition stealing a march; increasingly fearful of competitors gaining market share as they appear to get their act together more quickly
  • Increased cost to serve; legacy systems are costly, everything takes too long, limited IT capacity to be spread around, multiple priorities in the queue
  • Doing more work for less; what customers used to value, they no longer value
  • Threat of a declining performance in the market or an opportunity not captured

Is this problem worth solving?

Yes, it is, you will get;

  1. A measurable improvement in outcomes and in increase capital; financial, capability, reputational and social while having a substantial positive impact on your customers and your people
  2. A newly developed ability to adapt and respond more effectively to changing business conditions and the external environment. Increased throughput of 3X minimum and typically a 30% freeing up of IT capacity within 12 weeks of beginning work
  3. Improved efficiency and productivity by 20% minimum
  4. Increased innovation, developing new value in real time; can be >100% increase in new products and services in the market that are driven from live data and demand. “twice as much, in half the time” CEO of Insurance client
  5. An increase in the speed to value for customers by 30% minimum

Our results speak for themselves and show up in margin pool growth, market share increases, revenue growth and cost reduction, improvement in team engagement/ the happiness factor leading to NPS improvement and customer attraction.

What we can do?

Pathfinder partners with organisations who have the ambition and drive to win.

It requires change, it requires challenge, and typically it requires leadership transformation alongside new ways of working across the organisation.

Extracting, modifying and adding the technology and tools to enable a digital organisation demands a structured and prescribed approach to ensure organisations make the most of what they have already invested in, while getting significant return on new tech investment in as short time and regular intervals as possible given the relentless pace of change.

Pathfinder as your partner, will enable you to deliver all aspects of your transformation- using a collaborative but challenging approach. We have an expert view of how you can enable a change of this scale having successfully completed this for many well known organisations. We can help you navigate the complex journey to move from legacy to digital; whether it’s an initial diagnostic to understand your maturity level, development of a strategy and north star to guide the digital change, support in standing up a new way of working, or in the selection of technology.

We look forward to listening to you, understanding what matters and why, designing a way forward with you and working with you to make it a reality. 

The Pathfinder difference

  • We work in small, collaborative teams to effect change.
  • We focus on creating the conditions required for your organisation to be successful – this means looking holistically at all aspects of your business, not just tech.
  • We bring experts who have lived through this type of change, both organisations who have grown up this way, as well as those who have made the move from legacy to digital.
  • We are realistic about the length of time it takes to transform a business and the challenges you’ll encounter along the way.
  • We adopt a flexible approach which means we can do what’s right for your business. There is no one size fits all with this type of change and there’s more than one way to achieve the same outcome.

What will we help you deliver on?

Pathfinder can partner with you and your organisation deliver all aspects of your transformation – critical to this change is a collaborative approach.

We have an expert view of how you can enable a change of this scale. We can help you navigate the complex journey to move from legacy to digital; whether it’s an initial diagnostic to understand your maturity level against the characteristics outlined above, development of a strategy and north star to guide the change, support in standing up a new way of working, or selection of technology. We have experience in all aspects of the transformation journey and can work with you to shape the right level of support for your organisation, as in our experience every one is different.

Our customers success Speaks for us

We have executed this process multiple time across Enterprise and large companies.
But let them tell you, not us.

"The Claims Fraud Team have delivered real financial benefit for (the company) in a similar time frame that our more traditional projects take to compete user specification documents"
"Tracking at 110% of estimated financial benefits" "IT Delivery has increased by 15% using the agile approach"
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