Problems worth solving

Simply put, we are in the business of solving problems and creating positive change. We commit to delivering the results you want, every time.

Where can we help you?

Our unique approach to creating positive change starts with identifying problems worth solving, through to designing and delivering modern ways to solve them.

Our laser focus and expertise means we address both human and business aspects when understanding these problems. In doing so, we build confidence among your teams, empowering them to act and address the challenges of delivering business objectives, ensuring the future sustainability of your organisation.


The Pathfinder ‘TimeOut’ promise

We focus on eliminating unnecessary time from critical business processes that are impacted by increasing customer demands. The Pathfinder TimeOut approach reduces processing and elapsed times by up to 90%, significantly improving customer experience while also reducing cost to serve. Let us show you how.

The Pathfinder Digital Transformation programme

Digital transformation is not easy. We understand this, and so do many who have tried. Our approach is focused on the collaboration between people, processes and technology for immediate and positive impact on your customers. You can expect an increased throughput of 3x minimum, and typically a 30% freeing up of IT capacity within 12 weeks of beginning work. Let us show you how with the Pathfinder approach.

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