Pathfinder to present at CIMA Scotland CPD Revue, 4th Oct

Partner with Pathfinder, Gary O’Sullivan, will speak at CIMA Scotland’s CPD Revue on the 4th October in Glasgow. Gary’s talk will focus on ‘Strategy in times of uncertainty’.

No industry is immune from disruption; take the taxi industry with the emergence of UBER and the hotel industry with the emergence of Airbnb. Added to this is the immense uncertainty generated by Brexit and other global political and economic uncertainty. In this context, several fundamental questions emerge:

  • Is strategy even relevant in times of such deep uncertainty?
  • If so, then what type of strategy is more effective in turbulent times?
  • Traditional logic upon which strategy is built does not provide sufficient insight to protect a business from disruption. What is the new logic to support resilient strategy development?

For a strategy to be successfully implemented in times of uncertainty, it needs to move out of the boardroom and to be embraced by everyone in the organisation. This mobilisation is critical to the success of any strategy and particularly in times of uncertainty.

If you would like to find out more about the event please click here.

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