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Digital Transformation is driving the need for effective strategic partnering – and we are seeing this already, where enterprise IT is going from “on premise to Cloud” and moving to “insight as a service” to meet the demands of users and customers who are incredibly demanding, curious and impatient. This has implications for organisations at all levels – and this is where Pathfinder come in. We will help you challenge you and your team, explore, select, procure, onboard & manage the right strategic partners and vendors for your business.

But first, why might your organisation need to focus on effective strategic partnerships?

  • You need to deal with the scale and complexity of major procurements to move from Legacy to Digital platforms
  • The need to develop an optimised vendor ecosystem is becoming increasingly evident to support the increasing demands of your users and customers
  • You need to avoid ‘value leakage’ in your processes and management systems
  • You need to balance the need for economic scale AND create room for innovation at the same time
  • You need to frame and understand your supplier’s incentives in order to frame and maintain a productive partnership

The Pathfinder difference

You could go it alone, but our experience and expertise shows us that in partnering with Pathfinder to help you procure an effective strategic partnerships organisations have:

  • Replaced ad hoc acquisition programs with systematic acquisition programs have reduced procurement costs by 15% – 18%
  • Reduced time to implementation by at least 30%
  • Oriented the outcome around client success, leaving the people and organisation in a better place than when we started working


In Partnering with Pathfinder to help Intelligent Customer Function would provide following services on a “core and flex” basis:

  • Outsourcing Strategy – Develop a strategy to outsource all or part of your organisation.
  • Technology Outsource Service – Select the most appropriate outsourcing provider for a system(s).
  • Spec and Select – Specify and select a system e.g. ERP, CRM, Talent Management, Recruitment, Financials
  • 360· internal assessment and improvement opportunities for the client organisation
  • Partner to diagnose, discover & implement new client arrangements and ensure you are in a position to support it into the future.
  • Data, analytics, MI and performance management to improve partner (and client) performance on commitments

Skills-base includes Business Analysis, Technical Architecture, Procurement and Contractual experts, Large-scale Outsourcing expertise, Organisational Design, Programme Design and Management, Project Management and PMO.

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