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Let us help you select the right Technology tools to support your Finance, Customer Service, Talent Management/ Recruitment and Sales operations. Early engagement with a trusted partner like Sia Partners will significantly reduce your business procurement cost by at least 20% and ensure ROI and quick benefit realisation for the IT & Business User communities.

Sia Partners are independent technology selection experts

Be it a single application into a business or a large-scale Enterprise outsourcing arrangement, it all starts with selecting the right system and more importantly, the right partner. We focus on selecting the right technology for your business, and because we’re technology agnostic, you can be sure that our focus is on what’s right for your organisation.

Why choose Sia Partners
as your technology selection partner?

Sia Partners have extensive software implementation experience across multiple sectors – Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Retail & Government/Utilities. As a result we have a deeper application knowledge (Oracle, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Workday and SAP) which gives us a greater insight into both the product decisioning process and subsequent System Integration partner selection.

Choosing right supplier is about mitigating risk, building partnerships and realising the business benefit, fast​. While also important, it is less about transferring risk, seeking guarantees and minimising costs​.

What makes Sia Partners different

Any technology selection partner will (or should) take into account the usual criteria for selection: cost; capability; capacity; culture; financial stability.

We believe you need more. Organisations also need to look internally at business capability and capacity to execute an implementation programme as well as considerations around cost & capacity. We also ensure:

  • The programme is designed to suit the organisation – aligned to organisational strategy.
  • The skillsets required to execute the implementation programme are defined and resourced through gap analysis of existing skills vs. required skills.
  • The organisation’s ability to use the new processes and technology – we set you up for success.
  • Full life cycle of the product to ensure benefits realisation and end of life planning.
  • We define the operational cost of new technology.
  • Any additional infrastructure, licenses, skills are accounted for.

Sia Partners’

ROI is important to you, we get it. By using Sia Partners as your Technology Selection Partners, our selection process will deliver commercial benefits both top-down and bottom-up.

We will help you save costs by making sure you select of the right technology that meets your requirements. Additionally we’ll remove risk and maximise your investment returns by ensuring you utilise the right partner to drive out a successful implementation to ‘go-live’.

You choose the level of
support that’s right for your organisation

We recognise that every organisation’s needs are different. Sia Partners provide the following services to clients looking to outsource or implement new or existing technology.

Sia Partners
Technology Selection and implementation

  • We help you specify and select you ERP, CRM, Talent Management, Recruitment or Financial system.
  • Partner with you to implement it by selecting the right system integration.
  • Programme delivery – encompasses the end to end process right through to go-live.
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