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New research suggests that Digital Transformation could see a third of Irish companies shut down if not completed successfully and that over 93% of business leaders in Ireland believe that their firms are facing major challenges when it comes to Digital Transformation.

Why do organisations need a Transformation Office,
not a Project Management Office?

From our experience in working with large scale digital transformation programmes, we have seen the same barriers to success crop up time and time again.

  • Resource pool to successfully deliver Transformation
  • Prioritisation of initiatives to deliver value
  • Lack of alignment with Strategic Objectives

The traditional role of the Project Management Office (PMO) is focused on standardisation, control and compliance. It is poorly suited to the pursuit of the value creation opportunities presented by a transformation initiative.

Our Transformation Office (TMO) takes a step away from a traditional Project Management Office (PMO) in the following ways:

  • It re-enforces the objectives and aims of the programme or transformation
  • It supports the programme team in delivery of committed outcomes
  • Working with the senior management team, business owners, projects, and Change management to link all aspects of the programme together under the objective of delivering on the promised outcomes

The Pathfinder
Transformation Office

Transformation programmes require a TMO that is committed to flawless execution, at the right pace using rigorous and streamlined infrastructure that combines strategic perspective with disciplined implementation.

The TMO will support our clients in delivering their desired business outcomes (what you actually want to achieve) aligned with strategic objectives (what you said you’d do).

We combine a streamlined governance model with a sophisticated investment approach.

The new TMO takes a step away from a standard PMO where the focus would have been on administrative tasks and instead prioritises the delivery of immediate capabilities for our clients through:

  • Prioritisation of backlog initiatives
  • Benefits tracking
  • Resource tracking & optimisation of resource utilisation
  • Implementation of a lean reporting approach

At Pathfinder we believe in the importance of keeping People at the centre.  Our TMO offering emphasises the importance of considering the impacts of the programme on People and on the wider organisation.  The Transformation Office provides the support to embed change, and ensure that the organisation is equipped for this change journey.

you will get

We aim to use our expertise to support our clients to deliver successful Digital change in today’s challenging market place, and to equip our clients in delivering successful Digital change going forward.

Our clients will benefit from:

  • A prioritised set of initiatives for delivery based on their benefit to strategy & business outcomes
  • Tracking of benefits against strategy & business outcomes
  • A point in time view on resources, including a breakdown of resources & resource requirements
  • Minimal effort and maximum visibility through lean reporting
  • Easy access to valuable insights through our suite of TMO tools & templates

The Pathfinder difference

  • Hands on support to our clients in delivery of desired business outcomes
  • Our Experience, Expertise & People bring with them a lens of keeping our client at the centre of our work
  • We bring a tailored approach to governance & programme structure based on our client’s needs and ways of working
  • Although we have content readily available (Decks/Presentation, Benefits Tracking, Resource Planning, Agile/Mixed Methodologies) we believe in building these with our clients to ensure clear visibility on progress on business objectives
  • We bring our clients on a journey to ensure learnings are maximised and existing resources are leveraged through upskilling and knowledge sharing


A comprehensive transformation touches every facet of the organisation, including people, process, strategy, structure and technology. Strong Programme Management and mobilisation of change are must haves in order to deliver Transformation successfully.

Pathfinder established our Transformation Management Office to harness the strengths of the traditional PMO, and position it alongside strong Transformation Mobilisation and Change capability ensuring:

  • Strong governance and reporting structures
  • Programme delivery management
  • Prioritisation of work to ensure value
  • Understanding of impacts of change to people and process, technology and business benefits
  • Mobilise organisations to change through Transformation

Key Components of the Transformation Office 



Transformation Office Structure

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