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Project design and planning for large, complex projects can be very difficult for organisations to get off the ground. With so many stakeholders to get on board, processes and politics to navigate, often the first challenge can be getting an accurate gauge of costs and benefits. Or maybe you’re right at the start and need support to create the Business Case for a large project. Let Pathfinder help get your project off the ground and get you set up for success.

Set yourself up for success and
anything is possible

Ensuring your project or programme is set up to succeed is one of the most important steps in the delivery of any change.

There is no shortage of programmes that had great ideas, compelling business cases and strong sponsorship but still can’t get past the complexity of initiation and planning. And there is no shortage or programmes that may only have one, or even none of these, and you know it’s the right thing to do but you just can’t seem to get it moving. Complex processes, politics, escalating costs, reducing benefits amongst a host of other issues can all stop a programme in it’s tracks before it’s ready to start delivering. Our experience across many complex industries and in programmes ranging from 10k to 100M has given us a unique insight into how to quickly cut through these challenges and get programmes into delivery mode in rapid time. If you can relate to these issues and want to quickly ensure your programme is delivering the benefits it’s capable of then please reach out to us. We make change happen.

Complex projects often have even more complex barriers to initiation.

You believe in the need for your project, but trying to corral internal stakeholders, or even the Board to back your business case can be hugely frustrating. We understand, but better than that, we’ve navigated around many of the common concerns & issues we’ve heard before, such as:

  • Struggling to get traction you need on a new programme?
  • You’ve got a great idea but struggling to get it into delivery mode or benefits delivery?
  • A project has started, but the priorities and goals are still unclear to the stakeholders?
  • You need help building a compelling Business Case that includes accurate costings, tangible benefits, and the best approach for success?
  • Setting a clear scope and avoiding scope creep is becoming more difficult?
  • Waterfall approach isn’t cutting it anymore, you know you’d benefit from a more Agile approach, but don’t know how or where to start?
  • Herding cats – aligning and onboarding stakeholders is further delaying project initiation.

Let Pathfinder help you get your project off the ground and delivering benefit in rapid time.

We promise to ensure your project has unparalleled clarity and focus on it’s goals, with a plan and approach that delivers benefits as early as possible. This creates a highly effective, engaged and motivated workforce that will set a new standard in how to deliver future projects rapidly – on time and on budget.

Our aim is to always leave your business and your teams in a better place than when we started. Our focus is making your team self sufficient and ensuring they have all the tools, skills and clarity they need to success.

The Pathfinder difference

  • Our role is to deliver value to both your organisation and to you as an individual.
  • Quickly identifying what specifically constitutes success and then being relentless in our pursuit of this.
  • Laser focus on setting the project up for success and delivering benefit as early in the project lifecycle as possible
  • Quickly identify and resolve the issues that are slowing down the project/making it difficult to get started
  • Cut through noise and give the project the focus, energy and momentum it needs to succeed
  • Create an engaged and motivated team
  • Build optimised plan and approach

you will get:

  • A robust Business Case (if required)
  • Benefits delivered early
  • Engaged and motivated team
  • Project goals & outcomes delivered faster
  • Delivery on time, and on budget

Our approach

We evaluate, assess and consider all of the following when we work with our clients in Project initiation and design, right through to the end of the programme. Ensuring benefits are not only realised, but can be easily communicated and understood.

At Pathfinder, we:

  • Set up projects for success, ensuring effective and efficient Governance is in place that supports accelerated delivery and reduces red tape
  • Bring multiple parts of your organisation together to build a plan that is aggressive, achievable and bought-into by everyone encouraging accountability and shared responsibility
  • Create pilots and proof of concepts that quickly allow your business to make a decision on how to optimise the return on investment
  • Help clarify scope to keep it realistic, but at the same time make sure it achieves fine balance of not being so large that it becomes difficult to deliver, but not too small such that the economies of scale don’t stack up
  • Identify the most effective approach for delivery and mobilisaiton – whether that be traditional Waterfall or Agile, or a combination of the both
  • Identify and mobilise the resources and skills required to execute the programme successfully


All projects are of course different, but the below are rough timelines on the key phases of delivery, where we work hand in hand with the key project team and wider groups to ensure smooth uptake, and a business that’s ready to resource the demands of project delivery.

  • Project health check (1-2 weeks)
  • Mobilisation – scope definition, business case writing, planning workshops, onboarding stakeholders (1-6 weeks)
  • Acceleration – moving into delivery phase, ensuring project moves at pace and critically, maintains that pace (1-3 weeks)

Our customers success Speaks for us

We have executed this process multiple time across Enterprise and large companies.
But let them tell you, not us.

“Eliminated a significant organisational risk from a global pharmaceutical company"
Our client is a leading global pharmaceutical company delivering commercial, clinical, communications and packaging services to the healthcare industry, employing over 8,000 people with operations in 24 countries and delivering services in over 50 countries.
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