System platform migration

We can help you manage your payments system migration from old to new, and keep processing at the same time.

Let us help you manage the complexity of platform migrations, and take away the risk.

The complexity of platform migrations is enormous and the impact of getting them wrong is huge. Outages causing customer complaints are often seen when migrations are poorly managed, and the scrutiny around how customer data is handled is higher more now than ever. Regulated companies can also incur fines in the tens to hundreds of millions. In short, managing a platform migration project can be daunting and risky.

But the what’s the risk of doing nothing?

The old legacy systems are becoming less and less compatible with newer technologies, and organisations are seeing this where there have been partial transitions to digital solutions.  The longer legacy systems aren’t migrated to new platforms, the worse the problem is going to get. Organisations that fail to migrate to new platforms will be held back from innovating, loose competitiveness and ultimately risk losing market share from a declining customer base.

Enough of the risk talk.

Platform Migration
with Pathfinder

  • Using the latest technology, techniques and methodologies, we manage platform migrations across to ensure seamless and rapid migrations
  • We support the inventory classification of assets, data and other key entities to ensure accurate logging and mapping from ‘as-is’ to ‘to-be’ state to help ensure the safe and successful migration from one platform to another
  • Many organisations are moving to the Cloud – we use our experience to ensure successful migration and avoid what can be a minefield of potential issues
  • We can simplify the complex and daunting process of migrating from one platform to another
  • We help you put your new support arrangements in place

The Pathfinder difference

We are business outcome focused – we see platform migrations as an enabler that will allow you to deliver more value for your customers, reduce costs, meet regulatory commitments and reduce complexity. We drive your business to focus on much more than just technical goals.

Our aim is to always leave your business and your teams in a better place than when we started. Our focus is making your team self-sufficient and ensuring they have all the tools, skills and clarity they need to success. We are not here to bolt on new technologies or embed our self in your business.

  • Faster migration, reducing costs and time
  • Our end to end mapping means you can maintain processing throughout the migration – no unhappy and disgruntled customers
  • Our expertise means you’ll be able to realise the benefits of newer technologies faster
  • Controlled, safe and accurate migration of data and technology, nothing is left to chance.

you will get

  • A robust Business Case (if required)
  • Benefits delivered early
  • Engaged and motivated team
  • Project goals & outcomes delivered faster
  • Delivery on time, and on budget

Our customers success Speaks for us

We have executed this process multiple time across Enterprise and large companies.
But let them tell you, not us.

The bank now has a card processing platform which is common to both debit and credit cards, is scalable and cost effective, and has a better support model which does not rely on in-house individuals to deliver.
Pathfinder worked with one of Ireland’s largest banks across a range of issues related to cards and card issuing. This transcended all of Pathfinder’s areas of expertise, from strategy design to project implementation.
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