Business Restructuring for growth

“We need to do a restructure”. The often uttered words of a CEO determined to find a silver bullet to solve their business problems. Rarely does it deliver. In a world that’s changing as rapidly as ours however, there are times where it does make sense to review how your people are organised and to understand whether your structures are improving, or impeding, your ability to operate effectively. Whether you are seeking to redesign your target operating model, increase empowerment within your teams or deliver efficiencies, our organisational review and enablement offer will be able to help.

How we help

Pathfinder will work with you and your team to review how your organisation is operating, not just how it is structured.

By understanding key pain points in how work flows and decisions are made, we can pinpoint blockages and propose options to improve how teams collaborate.

Accountabilities can often be unclear. By reviewing these across your team we can ensure there are single points of accountability for critical business areas, encouraging teams to collaborate and to focus on the most important priorities. By simplifying business structures and empowering teams we can identify opportunities to remove management layers and preserve expert capability where it is most required.


What will Pathfinder deliver

  • A review of your existing organisation’s performance, including specific problem areas which are contributing to inefficiency
  • An outside-in view of what other organisations have done to change and improve how their businesses are organised and the impacts this has had
  • A set of options to be considered to improve your organisation’s effectiveness and the potential impacts of each
  • A high level business case to help drive key investments.

How we work with you to deliver

  • Depending on the size of the business this is typically an intense 6-8 week project with significant involvement and input from our senior management team.
  • Using a structured approach comprising analysis combined with workshops and synthesis.
  • Based on your requirements we will configure a team of very experienced practitioners across strategy, operations, customer insights, technology and people dimensions to deliver a suite of options you can consider.

The Pathfinder difference

Pathfinder typically work in small, focused, integrated teams with the customers we are partnering with. We will work with your wider senior management team to research, analyse and determine a single destination; and commitment to a clear path forward. Pathfinder strategy engagement is people based; from your first day your team will start behaving differently, and by the end of the engagement the strategy becomes embedded in their day to day actions, mindsets and ways of working.


  • Depending on the size of the business this is typically a 6-8 week project which is delivered working closely with your leadership team.
  • In order to sequence these capabilities into a roadmap, it’s critical to understand the different levers; architecture, investment budget, benefits delivery, capacity etc.
  • This roadmap can then be used to build out a set of delivery plans or backlogs depending on the delivery framework.
  • The same inputs will be used to develop a set of KPIs which will form the dashboard for the programme.

Our customers success Speaks for us

We have executed this process multiple time across Enterprise and large companies.
But let them tell you, not us.

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