Business Strategy in the digital age

As markets are disrupted and organisations, and even industries, are disintermediated, it’s imperative that businesses have a clear and compelling vision of how they will transform to better serve customers and shareholders. Some organisations know this yet struggle with where to start with designing or implementing a Digital Strategy – or some have started, but efforts are siloed, fractured and benefits realisation is a pipedream. Pathfinder are the Digital Strategy experts, ready to help you at any stage of your digital journey.

Developing an organisation-wide
Digital Strategy is a must – but why?

In today’s digital world, organisations must frequently adapt in order to respond to ever evolving customer expectations. Your customers’ experiences with FAANG organisations (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) and other digital leaders raise the bar in terms of what they then expect from more traditional companies.

Are you
meeting these needs?

Organisations that don’t have a clear and compelling vision of how they will transform to better serve their customers and shareholders will fall by the way-side – which in real terms will be seen as loss in market share, increase in the cost and time to serve your customers, and an increase in customer churn. This north star – a clear and compelling vision – is the critical component which underpins investment and decision-making, allowing organisations to empower teams to deliver effectively.

This is where
we help you

Pathfinder have designed and implemented Digital Strategies across multiple industries and sectors, so we know exactly how to get to the heart of what you need, and quickly.

We work in partnership with your team to develop a digital strategy which is clear, compelling and most importantly specific; the “high kerbs” for the “wide road”.

Our time with organisations who have successfully transformed their customer experiences has shown us that they share an ability to empower teams to deliver outcomes, without dictating how they should achieve them. They do this by setting a clear vision to guide the teams’ progress; freedom within a framework. We’ll help you achieve this by using insights from your customers, your teams and our own insights from other high-performing organisations to develop a strategy which can actually be delivered.

we will deliver

  • A clear vision for your business and the role of digital which will provide you with a long-term view of where you’re headed
  • Analysis of key customer and competitive trends which will drive your digital strategy
  • A clear articulation of the key capabilities required to build a digitally focused organisation
  • Direction on the core underlying technologies (including the role of existing legacy systems) to deliver based on your organisational strengths and industry specifics
  • Specific and tangible roadmaps and execution plans
  • A high level business case to help drive key investments.

The Pathfinder difference

You could go to almost any consultancy to get a Digital Strategy. So why choose us?

  • We are people focused; from your first day your team will start behaving differently, and by the end of the engagement the strategy becomes embedded in their day to day actions, mindsets and ways of working.
  • Pathfinder work in focused, integrated teams within our client organisations
  • We will work with your wider senior management team to research, analyse and determine a single destination
  • You will have commitment from all stakeholders on a clear path forward


Depending on the size of your business, this is typically an intense 6-8 week project with significant involvement and input from our senior management team using a structured approach, which combines analysis with workshops and synthesis.

Based on your requirements we will configure a team of experienced practitioners across strategy, digital, customer insights, technology and people dimensions to drive out a robust strategy.

Our customers success Speaks for us

We have executed this process multiple time across Enterprise and large companies.
But let them tell you, not us.

The bank now has a card processing platform which is common to both debit and credit cards, is scalable and cost effective, and has a better support model which does not rely on in-house individuals to deliver.
Our client is a leading global retailer with 300+ stores and revenue in excess of €6bn that has experienced significant growth. It offers a diverse range of products, including clothing, home ware, accessories, beauty products and confectionery.
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