Diagnosing a problem in your business and how to solve it

Often a business will know there’s a problem, but not know where or how to even begin to solve it; whether that be severe backlogs, competing priorities across business functions or growing customer complaints. One thing is for sure – your customers will be acutely aware of the visible consequences when things are not working well, however they can’t help you diagnose and design a now solution. But we can.

Let us help you

Sluggish revenue growth, increasing customer complaints, backlogs or stubbornly high costs to serve are common issues we have heard our clients talk about, and that they’ve tried solving themselves. However, as you probably know, it is not always easy to point out the root causes of the issues, and then create new ways of working to mitigate and solve these issues. There may be also conflicting views of what is the right course of action to follow that prevents agreeing a way forward.

In working with you and your teams, we enable our clients to move from perceived symptoms to a shared articulation of the issue, right through to the interventions that will resolve it. On the surface you can see issues like:

  • Backlogs, long elapsed times to resolve customer requests
  • Repetition and rework
  • Competing priorities across business functions
  • Mismatch between demand, and the number of people and skills required
  • Growing and/or severe customer complaints
  • Stubborn problems with unsuccessful attempts to resolve them
  • Solutions that were not sustainable
  • Slow responses to a changing environment

Let Pathfinder diagnose and design a solution that works for your organisation

Our experience running these programmes allows us to work in a highly effective, efficient and to-the point way, such that you get to realise benefits and see real results fast.  [do we have an idea of how many of these programmes we’ve run, or in what industries, or for what kind of businesses? I want to get an idea here for our expertise and experience:

  • We will align key stakeholders in your organisation behind a clear problem statement and build a shared understanding of the root causes of the issues
  • We will work with your managers and operational staff to design the necessary interventions to address the problem’s root causes
  • We will maximise the opportunity in the shortest time possible and in a sustainable way
  • We will work with you to develop reliable plans to deliver the necessary changes
  • We will develop with you the metrics that will show what tangible benefits are delivered as well as the framework to ensure the benefits are sustained

What can you
expect to start seeing?

In working with our clients, we have delivered:

  • Measurable improvement in customer experience and increased customer satisfaction
  • Drastic reductions in complaints
  • Increased customer acquisition, retention and growth
  • Increased competitiveness and sustainability
  • Differentiating operational capabilities and know how
  • Increased staff satisfaction and retention
  • Waste elimination and cost reduction
  • Increased ‘first time right’ and mistake proofing
  • Increased profitability (current and future)
  • A reliable framework for benefits measurement

What ourclients have to say

Scottish Water recognised they needed a more efficient and responsive service to improve the Developer and Building Community offering. Engaging Pathfinder to achieve this, Scottish Water developed and implemented a new, comprehensive Customer Engagement Model.

The Pathfinder difference

We know that there are others who promise these benefits and deliverables too, so what sets us apart?

  • Because of our ethos, we are committed to putting our customer’s success as a primary concern.
  • Our success and profitability comes through long standing customers that have learnt to trust us
  • We have a track record that demonstrate our customer’s success with our projects
  • To ensure project success, we resource our project team with the right level of expertise and experience level required
  • We use a unique set of top-class and complementary methodologies not broadly available in the market. They include:
    • Commitment based management
    • Lean and System’s
    • Thinking Theory of constraints
    • Zero Quality Control

Our Methodology 

We deploy a tried and tested approach comprised of:

To articulate the problems, ground the root causes, quantify opportunities and build a shared understanding with your team

Where we work with you to define the changes that will deliver the improvements. These changes will encompass:

  • Organisational structures, including roles and responsibilities
  • People and skills, matching demand requirements
  • Process and procedures
  • Management practices, inclusive of KPIs and reporting
  • Digital technology and analytics

Where we will customise a delivery plan that suits your priorities, timelines and resources comprised of:

    • Key activities and milestones
    • Required resources and responsibilities
    • Key required outputs

Where we will ground the expected benefits, implementation costs and overall net benefit to support a go / no go decision.

We will deploy the most advanced, tried and tested methodologies including:


A highly effective methodology that focuses on how teams and organisations are structured as networks of customers and performer set up to deliver common goals.

Lean is widely known as the underpinning of the highly effective Toyota production system but it is usually trivialised towards the use of a set of standard tools and practices. Pathfinder has embraced Lean’s underlying principles as part of a body of knowledge focused at identifying value and at driving out waste.
Pathfinder’s use of Lean focuses on the suitable and appropriate use of this body of knowledge to address your specific challenges.

How many times have you seen localised improvement interventions failing to deliver net benfits for your organisation or having unintended consequences elsewhere?

We use this Systems Thinking in diagnosis and design to help break down the barriers between functions and to understand the performance of your organisation as a whole. This will ensure ensure any design intervention  will have positive results visible to your customers and at the bottom line.

Systems Thinking and Theory of constraints identify and eliminate the one or very few bottlenecks that constrain the performance of your organisation by understanding the interdependencies between functions and teams.

Working together, CBM and Systems Thinking offer a unique and powerful lens to identify and unlocking improvement opportunities

Ensuring the avoidance of errors and its consequences it’s of critical importance in industries like air transport and health care but is a general concern for any organisation pursuing effective cost control and excelence in customer satisfaction.
Zero quality control is a discipline thas honed the capability for eliminating sources of error or minimising its consequences. Its focused on the design of fail safe devices that makes difficult or impossible to commit errors, plus early detection and feedback.

The timelines will be adjusted according to the specific problem to be addressed and the requirements of your organisation. Typically, a Diagnosis and Design project will be delivered over 10-12 weeks across the 3 phases of diagnosis, design and plan.
In case you may want to avail of Pathfinder’s capacity and expertise at implementing the design, we can also discuss a customised implementation offer ranging from the provision of specific roles and expertise to offering a complete program of change where we will take co-responsibility for the delivery of the benefits

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