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You know a compelling strategy and vision are imperative for your business if you are to motivate your people and deliver value for customers and shareholders alike, but if you can’t translate this into a set of tangible execution plans, it's nothing more than words. Teams can struggle to turn a high-level strategy into a roadmap for their business that sets clear priorities and ensures the vision can be turned into a reality.

we help you

Pathfinder will work with you to develop a clear roadmap which reflects your strategic aims, and to develop a clear structure and priorities for your transformation programme. We’ll also help you identify where it makes sense to work in an Agile framework, versus more traditional delivery as well as critical KPIs for you to evaluate progress towards your target.

you’ll get

  • A 3-year roadmap which shows the sequencing and prioritisation of capabilities required to achieve your strategic vision
  • A clear set of priorities; ensuring your finite resources are focused on the things which are most important to achieve your vision
  • A clear structure for your transformation programme, allowing you to organise work and people around the various programme elements
  • Clarity and alignment on the metrics that you and your leadership team should be focused on in order to determine progress towards your goals
  • A clear structure to mobilise your teams around, ensuring they are clear on the outcomes that need to be delivered and the framework to get them there

The Pathfinder difference

Pathfinder work in small teams in partnership with our clients. Our aim is to leave you in a better condition than when we found you and to put in place sustainable solutions, which reduce your organisation’s reliance on external, consulting expertise. This means we can operate truly objectively and advise you on the best possible outcome for your business.

Working with your leadership team we will encourage you to face into the difficult decisions; to be clear on the capabilities you really require versus those that are nice to have. This ruthless prioritisation is an enabler to delivering more value and one, in our experience, organisations struggle to do.

We all know the devil is in the detail. Leadership teams, which seemed aligned at the point of strategy development, can come undone when you begin to realise what the strategy really means. Pathfinder will work with you and your team to ensure this doesn’t halt progress.


  • Depending on the size of the business this is typically a 6-8 week project which is delivered working closely with your leadership team.
  • Using your existing strategy as input we seek to identify the capabilities which are required to underpin its delivery.
  • In order to sequence these capabilities into a roadmap, it’s critical to understand the different levers; architecture, investment budget, benefits delivery, capacity etc.
  • A prioritisation framework is then developed to enable the most important work to be prioritised first and to be sequenced into a three year roadmap which set outs the path to success.
  • This roadmap can then be used to build out a set of delivery plans or backlogs depending on the delivery framework.
  • The same inputs will be used to develop a set of KPIs which will form the dashboard for the programme.
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