Developing achannel strategy

Availability of price information online, the variety of channels used by consumers and increasing customer price sensitivity is driving greater need for organisations to have a clear channel and pricing strategy. The strategic importance of price demonstrates how products, distribution, price and promotion strategies will fit together with product positioning. These factors make it imperative for you to execute on pricing correctly to win customers, and retain loyalty.

How we work with you and your team

Sia Partners will work with you to ensure:

  • That your pricing needs match what customers will truly pay for your offering
  • Will reflect the value you provide in the market versus your competitors
  • Will consider and understand your brand values
  • Work with you to enable you to reach your revenue and profit target

Your price sends a strong message to the market you operate in. We will work with you to ensure it is consistent with the value you’re delivering. If your value proposition is operational efficiency, then we will define your price around a need for competitiveness. If your value proposition is customer intimacy or you have a leading-edge product, then we will evaluate how best to price your product in the market using dynamic or value pricing.

What you will you get?

A key component of the pricing process is not just determining how much to charge, but how to charge. There are many difference ways to pricing including subscriptions models, dynamic pricing, value pricing, freemium pricing, pay as you go and auction-based pricing. 


It’s best to define your positioning, create your brand strategy, and identify your distribution channels before you develop your pricing strategy in the marketing plan. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your pricing reflects your value and reinforces your brand.



With any pricing strategy, knowing what your customers truly value and how you can meet their needs is paramount. At Sia Partners we have experience in being able to identify and segment customer groups around these needs and set pricing strategies accordingly.


A company’s pricing, distribution and promotional strategies must balance creating value for the customer and allowing for profit. A business that offers widespread product or service availability at low prices may struggle to achieve a profit. It must figure out how to effectively promote this setup, along with a quality offering, to get customers to pay higher prices.



The Sia Partners Difference

We are measured by our clients on the impact our interventions bring to their business. Developing a channel and pricing strategy goes only so far in demonstrating value – actually seeing this through and implementing the new practices, tools and driving top line impact is how we measure our success.

To this end we work with our clients not only on the design and development of pricing but also on its delivery. We support our clients to realise the business impact.  

Our Methodology

Depending on the scale of the pricing and channel strategy development needed, we typically start with an intense 6-8-week project with significant involvement and input from our senior management team working in joint teams with you.

Based on your requirements we will configure a team of experienced practitioners across strategy, operations, customer insights and technology.

Using a highly structured approach comprising analysis of your market, customer and pricing models we will work to develop solutions through a series of workshops and synthesis of information.

We use models such as the Doblin 10 types innovation framework to develop pricing strategies appropriate for our clients. This ensures that consideration is given to service, brand and customer delivery to the same extent as how we price it to drive customer value

Examples of
Our Work

With over 444 stations across the country, Circle K (formerly Topaz) is Ireland’s largest fuel and convenience brand. Circle K sought to enhance their forecourt offering in the Irish market.

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