How can you manage the impact of Change on your organisation?

Organisations embark on change programmes to achieve their strategic goals and objectives. We see projects and initiatives launched and plans made for delivery, however delivery is often planned without fully understanding the impact of the change on the wider organisation. This is where our Change Impact Assessment comes in.

Sia Partners’
Change Impact Assessment

What is a ‘change impact assessment’ and why does it matter?

We have often seen change programmes move from initiation into delivery, where road blocks are hit, typically in the form of:

  • Capacity constraints
  • Capability gaps
  • Business and operational risks
  • Governance constraints.

These blockers impact the time and budget of the programme which can ultimately hinder the realisation of benefits.

We will identify
blockers to change

Conducting a Change Impact Assessment will identify blockers to change, highlight considerations which need to be factored into plans and timelines to ensure a successful delivery and adoption of the change by the wider organisation.

Our Change Impact Assessment will help clients to make informed decisions about their change programmes in the early stages of planning; allowing for a better delivery and protect business case realisation.

For clients who may have commenced their change programmes, our Change Impact Assessment will identify the change management measures which need to be in place to aid successful adoption and adaption of the change into the wider organisation.

How our change impact assessment
will benefit your change programme:

  • Identification of hidden benefits & opportunities
  • Identification of previously unknown business and operational risks
  • More informed decision making, leading to a smoother delivery of change in the organisation
  • Identification of measures required to be in place in order to achieve business benefits
  • Identification of change management requirements for the successful adoption of change.

The Sia Partners Difference

Sia Partners are leaders in Change Management and we understand the significance change programmes have on organisations. By casting our ‘change lens’ on change programmes, using our experience, insight and methods, we can empower better decision making and faster benefit realisation.



By casting our ‘change lens’ on change programmes, using our experience, insight and methods, we can empower better decision making and faster benefit realisation.

Our approach to completing a change impact assessment depends on the type and scale of change, and is always tailored to your needs.

At a broad level, the approach includes:


Understand the environment the change is taking place it including its history, business priorities and culture

Map the as-is culture of the organisation to gain a view of behaviours, enablers, blockers and desired outcomes

Depending on the type and scale of change, understand the current ways of working, processes, risks, capabilities and capacities

Understand the rational and reason for the change, the vision for the new world, the future people, process and technology view

Looking from the as-is to the to-be, apply a change management lens to the change, identifying opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses within the organisation which could hinder or enable change.

Based on the findings of the analysis, provide an informed view of the change impacts, and recommendations for managing them.

Timelines will depend on the scale of the change and can range from 1 day to 4 weeks.

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