Standing up new teams to work in an Agile framework

The use of Agile as a delivery method has increased exponentially over the past 5 years. Once the preserve of technology teams and digitally native companies, more and more organisations are stating their aspiration to move the bulk of their delivery to Agile, but where do you begin? As a traditional organisation it can seem a daunting prospect to adopt this framework. Where do you even begin?

How we help

When embarking on a change of this scale it makes sense to start small. By working to stand up a few teams who can operate successfully this way you can test and learn, moving at a pace that works for your organisation. Pathfinder help incumbent organisations successfully make this transition by focusing on putting in place sustainable solutions to the impediments which these teams commonly encounter.

we will deliver

  • Value for your customers and for you within considerably reduced timeframes
  • Agile practitioners to coach and develop the scrum team, including delivery of certified learning where requested
  • A repeatable approach to get teams ready to work in this new way including; identification of value streams, establishing a clear vision and roadmap for the team, development and prioritisation of a backlog and establishment of OKRs (objectives and key results)
  • A team who will act as role models for your organisation around what it means to work in this new way
  • Enterprise coaching for the senior leadership team, helping them make the transition from managing to leading
  • Best practice insight on how to create the conditions within your organisation for these new teams to flourish.

The Pathfinder difference

  • We understand that this is about a cultural transformation; by focusing on removing organisational impediments we ensure that we are solving issues for the entire business, not just the teams who happen to go first
  • We are focused on transforming your business, not just standing up scrum teams. By coaching at all levels in the organisation we build capability sustainably, reducing your dependency on us
  • We are experienced in helping traditional organisations transform to this new way of working and can help build realistic but stretching ambitions.

Our Methodology

  • We will work with your leadership team to identify the most appropriate candidate areas to start to work in this new way. Guided by your strategy and proposition we will identify those value streams which balance the potential to deliver value for customers with complexity of delivery
  • We will help you identify an appropriate persistent and cross-functional team and provide the stabilisers to help the team get off the ground and working in this new way
  • We will establish Agile ceremonies and set clear expectations for leaders around how they should interact with the team and their accountabilities in relation to delivery
  • We will coach the team through every sprint as they seek to deliver frequent releases of value to customers based on a single prioritised backlog
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