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Delivering Cultural Change in your organisation

13 Oct 2015 12:10

The Only Constant is Change - How to Effect Continuous Improvement in your Contact Centre Culture

Brian Keyes  of Pathfinder  delivers an exciting presentation on delivering cultural change  in  large organisations with the Customer Contact Management Association in Ireland.

Business process improvement (BPI) is becoming increasingly a requirement, a KPI for customer experience and contact centre managers. So, how do you build into your team an understanding that change is the norm not the exception and to embrace it, not resist it.

Brian Keyes, Director with Pathfinder, consultants in management, will give an introduction in to how to identify, mobilise and repeat change and improvement in a typically flat management environment, one that traditionally craves structure and rigidity.  This 40 minute video of a live event from a thought leader in Business Process Improvement, is guaranteed to leave you with some food for thought. Click here for full video.




13 Oct 2015 12:10