Essential Skills for Today’s Finance Professional

CIMA Ireland and Pathfinder are collaborating to present a series looking at challenges facing finance professionals today. The series begins this month and runs into early 2018

There has been a shift in the traditional finance professional role. Today, they are expected to play a much larger role in shaping the success of the business. The provision of financial information is only one aspect of this expanding portfolio. The aim of this series is to provide finance professionals with information and practical tools to succeed in this environment.

The series begins with Pathfinder’s Head of Programme Execution, Paul Fegan, delivering a talk on dealing with projects that run in to difficulty. Paul has over 20 years’ experience moving at-risk projects back onto the correct path. Most projects can be recovered using the right interventions. Successful project recovery is all about seeing what must change and executing that change efficiently. In his talk, he will explore:

  • What does ‘at-risk’ mean?
  • The importance of project mobilisation.
  • Public vs. private conversations – looking for trust, good governance, and commitment.
  • Intervention means working with the people on the project.

The series continues with Gary O’Sullivan, Head of Business Transformation, discussing ‘How to ensure successful delivery of a project once the consultants have left’. Investing in consultancy services is not a poor decision, in fact, it is often a vital part of a successful business process; however, there can be a sense of frustration from business leaders when they do not get the expected return on that investment.

Pathfinder argues that successful delivery after the consultants have left is largely dependent on the set-up before they even arrive. Gary will address this in his talk covering important topics including:

  • The importance of asking why?
  • Who wants the change anyway?
  • How do you constitute the project in the right way?
  • How do you make sure you know when the consultants are finished?
  • How do you ensure the project succeeds over time?
  • How do you achieve the desired outcomes?

The series starts on Thursday 30th November and will run into early 2018. If you would like to attend the talks please follow the links below to book your place.

Details on 2018 events will be available closer to the time.

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