Ervia’s CEO Michael McNicholas at Leaders Dinner

The Second of the “Invited Leaders Dinner” series events was held in the Members’ club of the RDS on Thursday 21st January hosted by Pathfinder, Consultants in Management and The British Irish Chamber of Commerce.

Our guest speaker, Michael Mc Nicholas, CEO of Ervia, presented a most interesting and insightful view of the infrastructure challenges that we all face and the sterling work being done to address the shortfall due to years of neglect.

As with all dinners in the series, the evening was held under “Chatham House Rules”, so no media or social posting is allowed, still, here is a little I can share with you.

One of the most impressive parts of the evening was that Michael presented without notes. He showed an impressive understanding and command of the issues faced by him and his Team at Ervia.  He clearly walked his audience through the journey to date,  the challenges,  the lessons learned and how they are focused and very positive about the future for water in Ireland and  the enduring need for a body properly funded and free of short term government funding constraint to think and invest for the long term.

After dinner Michael took a question and answer session with the guests. The Attendees represented a cross section of leadership in Irish Business. The questions asked covered all aspects of the challenges faced by Ervia and, in effect, the country as a whole.

Michael has a most interesting story to tell and the general consensus from the guests was that Ervia’s Mission is little understood, and often misunderstood. His talk brought home to us all the importance of the work he and his team are doing. I think all present were convinced by the facts presented of poor current state of our water infrastructure now being successfully addressed. Had this been left unchecked or without a committed Annual Capital budget there was a danger of catastrophic failure.

Only one glass of water was spilt at the top table…but that’s water under the bridge !!…..

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