Data – essential in creating opportunities for your business

At the end of August, a roundtable discussion over breakfast was hosted by Pathfinder’s Digital and Transformation leader, Laura Thom and Sarah Reynold, Founding Director of Nile. The intention was to bring some of the UK’s most interesting and ingenious people together to discuss all things data and gain perspective into best practice ways to implement and utilise data effectively.

One of the biggest challenges when understanding and considering data is people and the relationship between the labour force and technology in business. Whilst new learnings surrounding data are very exciting and have great capacity to drive efficiency and give greater competitive advantage, there is still a high level of reluctancy to data and analytics because of its complexity. The important part to convey is the necessity of human input to generate data insight and solution. A greater understanding of the reason behind human input in data and the meaningful parts and processes in between will essentially aid in effective data-driven approaches within organisations. In this article, Matt Ariker, COO, McKinsey Consumer Marketing Analytics Center, gives great insight into building data into organisations harmoniously.

Another forward-looking approach to data is the encouragement of data-learning resources for organisations. Constructing a culture that is capable of promoting and becoming a leader in speaking about and supporting analytical insight. Taking a holistic approach towards data analytics, with a willingness to understand the assets and flaws that come with it, will aid in embedding data culture into everyday business learning.

This business transformation breakfast developed perspective into how data is being absorbed in organisations today, and pointed out the initial and imperative challenges organisations are facing when it comes to data comprehension. Continuous discussion, like the transformation breakfast, and positive action in introducing learning around data and the importance of the human element will benefit the relationship between data, business, and people.

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