Circle K Case Study

Deploying resources to support redefined organisational goals and ambitions, within a changing market landscape.


“Revenues in core markets were under
threat while business ambition was growth”


The challenges

The key challenge was how to best utilise the current sales team given changing strategic ambitions and targets for the organisation. The traditional fuel market was showing signs of decline due to increasing competition and changing customer demands, leading to a need to change to the type of conversations with commercial partners, along with increasing focus into other revenue streams. Channel returns remained strong; however, market dynamics were evolving and the current performance metrics and direction for the sales team needed to evolve accordingly.

What we did

We built a strategy to capture new revenue streams, challenging the team to consider ambition far beyond their current portfolio, identifying opportunities by leveraging strengths within the team and comparative advantages.

Customer research and extensive in-market assessments were carried out to explore the competitive environment, technology, threats, and opportunities facing the sector.

A detailed review of current business contracts identified significant benefits which could be realised through refined principles, targets and ways of working.

An assessment of how well the current team was configured to meet future ambition, identifying skills, capability, and structural gaps in the operating model.

Workshops were held to align leadership goals with team expectations.

The outcomes

A more efficient, streamlined, sales team was established with clear direction on what their objectives and targets should be to help deliver on the overall organisational ambitions. Clear objectives and KPIs were set in place freeing up the leadership team time to focus on strategic work. A greater focus was placed on the elimination of wasteful activities, moving to more structured, valuable meetings. The organisation has seen a reduction in business expenses due to resources being more efficiently aligned with the areas they managed. Structured and consistent negotiations are now occurring with business partners, leading to reduced complexity in managing contracts post-signing. Growth has become evident for Circle K in additional revenue streams.



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