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Water industry – introducing water and wastewater management solution services

With 2017 water legislation in the UK looming, providing value added services have become critical to the competitiveness of retail service providers.

Our client one of the largest water companies in the UK decided to extend their services by helping their customers to reduce costs and make their business more sustainable. Their aim was to launch a comprehensive water and wastewater management solution services within a six-month timescale.

The challenges

Pathfinder Change Management Consultants were charged to realise this ambition within six months. We needed to ensure unique operational practices are in place for the new business entity to operate side-by-side with the regulatory business. Within this, we had to ensure compliance with the regulated market, as well as implementing the programme in a scalable manner.

What we did

We started by designing a blueprint for selling and fulfilling day one service delivery and securing a small team of experts. We then drew up the roadmap to achieve our client’s goals within the tight timescale of six months and focussed on the commitments, SLAs and KPIs that needed to be in place for the new business unit.

We believe that dependable and reliable service delivery is the foundation of building and maintaining the trust of our customers. We designed the business model based on this principle. To ensure all commitments to customers are met, we designed and implemented a CRM sales management tool.

We also led the recruitment of new staff into key posts and mobilised the team into their new roles before handing over the management responsibilities to the newly established leadership team.

The outcome

The new business service offers were successfully launched on time, offering water and waste management services, and the customer portfolio and service delivery options have continued to grow since the launch.

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