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Upgrading Contact Centre Telephony Systems

Where we started

Our client operates a contact centre with a 365 day 24 hour service to customers and the public. The telephony systems that support the call centre were reaching end of life and as part of a wider review being undertaken by Pathfinder we were asked to review proposals to upgrade the systems.

Following the review and the acceptance of our recommendations, we were asked by the Customer Service business management to manage full implementation. With circa 400,000 calls per year, and 590 staff employed, this was a significant challenge and opportunity for change.

The challenges

There was a tight timeframe in which to deliver the new system before the beginning of the winter period. Additionally, there were multiple third party suppliers involved in the project. The recommended solution required a full telephony upgrade from a traditional PBX to a cloud based IP solution.

What we did

We provided overall management of the project delivery plans. As change managment consultants We took hands on responsibility for change management, communication rollout and training work-streams ensuring minimal disruption. We also, specifically owned, planned and managed all aspects of UAT and ensured testing was completed successfully.

The outcome

The project was delivered on time and on budget. The local weather then provided and ideal test as the morning after implementation a major flooding event occurred, and the call centre was able to handle two hours of frenetic activity with no difficulties experienced by the agents using the new system.

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