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Public sector – A five-year strategy

Where we started

Our client had engaged a strategy consulting firm to support them in the development of its five-year business strategy.  However, while the primary research had been completed successfully by the firm, our client was dissatisfied with the strategic plan as it was missing coherency, did not adequately demonstrate an implementation roadmap, and had not fully engaged all the stakeholders.

Pathfinder was engaged to support the senior management team to complete the strategy process.

The challenges

The greatest challenge was re-energising the project, and helping the team and its key stakeholders on the board to orient around a clear and achievable outcome. The strategic propositions that have already been developed needed to be challenged and checked for robustness.

The overall strategic document needed to be completely re-worked, in a fashion which clearly set out the challenges facing the company, the strategic propositions and plans. These need to be supported by appropriate financials and a roadmap to deliver the strategy in ten weeks.

What we did

We established the credibility and trust in their strategy, and supported the senior management to publish a complete and coherent document summarising the strategic plan. The new governance structures were put in place which ensured all stakeholders were engaged and ultimately supported the plans.

As the plan was signed off internally, Pathfinder continued to support the management team during the discussions with external stakeholders, regulator,sister group companies, and Government Minister.

The outcome

A strategic plan which will guide our client between 2014 and 2018 and forms the basis of its readiness for significant market changes and de-regulation in 2019.

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