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Optimisation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to affect strategic change

Where we started

Our client, a national provider of water and sewerage services in the UK identified an opportunity to leverage from performing necessary updates to their Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to make a strategic change at the core of their business and vastly improve the customer experience.

The existing CRM solution was used to log all customer interactions, assign work to field staff, and monitor performance against business and regulatory targets.  It also provided data for business management, performance information and reporting to Regulators as well as enabling the management of operational issues affecting our water and wastewater networks.

The challenges

The services provided by our client are essential to households and businesses and could be impacted significantly by a number of factors including weather events locally and supply requests from developers. It was of the utmost importance to ensure the business was not exposed beyond the support contract with the existing CRM provider whilst designing and implementing a new solution.

It was necessary that the new solution extends our client’s capabilities while ensuring the business operation is not diversely impacted.

What we did

We started by identifying options which enabled our client to achieve their short-term business objectives by using their current CRM solution. This gave the business adequate time to implement a more strategic solution.

To design the way forward we worked with our client to map the customer journey across the organisation identifying inefficiencies and opportunities where customer experience can be improved thus mapping customer loyalty measurement improvement. This informed the design of a product specification, examining the market for suitable CRM partner for our client as well as possible architectures

The outcome

The business was provided with a CRM design with the versatility to adapt for changing business requirements, fulfill strategic customer service objectives, support the RFP process and help the business to select the most appropriate package. It also enables the CIO to refine the IT strategy roadmap linked to an ever-improving customer journey.

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