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Increasing automation and eliminating waste with a centralised automated payment system

Where we started

Clinical Trials and in particular Phase II and Phase III generate a large number of patient visits and procedures, with a corresponding high volume of payments to Investigators. As one of the world’s largest CROs our client wanted to replace the manual, decentralised payments processes with a centralised automated system increasing efficiency and eliminating waste. Better data and governance would also help compliance with the Physician Payment Sunshine Act.

The challenges

This programme drew on expertise from a variety of business and IT teams covering such disparate areas as contract negotiation (covering contractual aspects of automated payments), Clinical Trail Managers right up to AR and AP functions in the Finance teams.  Agreeing and implementing the new processes while at the same time ensuring business as usual continued to make payments required a high level of co-ordination across the programme organisation.

What we did

We established a strong steering and governance structure representing all business areas which impacted and quickly brought a focus to the benefits and associated changes required. These changes were owned and driven from the business under the overall co-ordination of the programme plan.  In parallel we established a technology initiative to develop and implement changes to the systems and interfaces to support the business.  This workstream included both internal and external software providers and again required a high degree of co-ordination.

Having established the correct programme strategy and setup we executed a focused delivery plan, with iterative changes supported by training and communication to all those affected.  As each iteration went live (new contracts or new invoice templates) we re-assessed progress against the benefits set out at the start of the project and adjusted our plans accordingly keeping Business and IT totally aligned throughout the execution phase.

The outcome

The project delivered on schedule, resulting in a centralised Investigator Payment solution for the company with associated efficiencies.  This “new way of doing business” continues to be developed and enhanced delivering ongoing efficiencies to the company.

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