Success stories

Dalata’s programme to support rapid growth


Hear from Dermot Crowley, Deputy Chief Executive of Dalata Hotel Group, how he and his team worked with Pathfinder to support Dalata’s rapid growth using centrally managed standardised systems and processes to scale efficiently, while maintaining a strong emphasis on local General Manager accountability for the profitability of each hotel.


Pathfinder structured Dalata’s thinking on the priority changes needed to support the scalability of the business, brought deep expertise in process design, project delivery, vendor management, and change management to shape these priorities into a project roadmap focused on delivery of the key benefits.


View our video to see how this programme enabled the team to identify opportunities to improve profitability, whether through actions at hotel level, or by group-wide negotiation of group-wide deals centrally; as well as reduce costs associated with managing, storing, and moving paper (e.g. electronic approvals replacing physical signatures on cheques and invoices), and group-wide reduction in risk due to greater visibility and control.


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