Success stories

Building a team capable of radically improving performance and service

Where we started

Working with a widely diverse public organisation consisting of Central Information Board, 42 Citizens Information Services Nationally, >200 outreach services, a National Contact Centre, 42 Advocacy Projects for People with Disabilities and consumer financial advice and budgeting service, with over 1,500 staff and volunteers, covered by 90 boards of management including numerous stakeholder groups and individuals all of which lacked full agreement or collaboration on service and performance standards and improvements.

The challenges

The key challenge was to bring together separate teams that have different structures and leaders to work together to serve their common goals. To do so we needed to carry out a root and branch analysis, design local and national structures that would sustain the offers and their value, that was at all times acceptable to the stakeholder groups. Above all, we needed to support these teams to find a way to deliver real results in public services and citizen satisfaction.

What we did

We carried out a full review and supported the senior team in the redesign of the national contact centre including technology replacement, management restructure and replacement and process redesign.

Following meeting and listening to clients and all stakeholders including carer’s, disability organisations, government and families, we supported the restructuring and establishment of a National Advocacy Service for people with disabilities.

We worked with the senior team to restructure the statutory body, the main funding organisation and secured agreement from all stakeholders on the change they had to make.

The outcome

As a result of the work we did together our clients have improved service quality and performance across all services, eliminated waste and delivers a more cohesive and seamless service to citizens.

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