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Agribusiness – Growth & sustainability

Where we started

Following the development of a five-year strategy for a Pathfinder client, (a global leader in nutrition and ingredients), we were asked to join the senior team, establish a change programme, and work with all staff to deliver the strategic outcomes whilst building and enhancing the overall capability of their team.

The leadership team has committed to significant change in the business, in order to deliver the full potential of the strategy. There is a clear strategy in place supported by explicit strategic propositions and defined change initiatives.

The challenges

The strategy sets out changes in many aspects of the business,  specifically; pricing and market strategy, credit and cash management, customer channel approach, digital channels, supply chain and manufacturing, central management and support, people change and operating model change, cost reduction and growth.

The breadth and depth of change means that the future operating model requires a substantial people change element where new behaviours/approaches are needed.

What we are doing

Following a successful mobilisation of the programme streams with internal business owners and their teams we have been supporting the senior team in the design and mobilisation of changes at all levels throughout the organisation.

We have been analysing and designing the management practices and information required to provide feedback to teams, so that each individual’s personal learning drives their improvement.

We have been supporting changes with technological advancements, particularly in the mobile and digital space.

We have been working with the teams to implement a multi-channel approach to engaging customers that will see customer service delivery that is recognised as best in class whilst continuing to return value to all stakeholders.

The predicted outcome

Our client is becoming leaner whilst growing market share and return to its shareholders and members. Also, the overall  capability is maximising the return from quota elimination by changing and adapting in advance.

Going forward

The 2015 milk quota removal in Ireland and Europe will allow the dairy sector to establish itself as a low cost source of production, taking advantage of the growing demand for dairy products around the world.

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