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Agribusiness – ERP, POS & milk management

Where we started

Our client, a global food ingredients and agribusiness, initiated a major systems replacement programme to implement ERP, POS, milk management, BI tools and replacing network and infrastructure. Shortly after the senior management became concerned with the progress and appointed Pathfinder to lead the business design and implementation of the change programme.

The challenges

There were four suppliers, each with their own plans and agendas. The scope of deliverables from the suppliers was not fully aligned with what the business needed. To add to the complexity, there was a lack of clarity regarding the new processes being implemented throughout the business.

The programme needed to be implemented and completed in less than fifteen months  to be ready in time for the April milk processing season.

What we did

We started with a two-week detailed diagnosis and planning exercise. This clearly demonstrated to all stakeholders and service providers the areas that need an immediate focus. We then proceeded to re-organise the programme with the internal business teams.  Subsequently we renegotiated and reached agreements on the revised scope and milestone plans with all third party suppliers.

Once we had the commitment of all stakeholders and suppliers, we put in place a grounded bottom-up programme plan with a firm delivery dates. We established programme management and governance practices to ensure delivery commitments, scope adherence and business case were managed.

We supported the senior team throughout the process to clarify ownership and responsibility within the business and worked with them to design new processes and implement change across the business.

The outcome

Business processes were enhanced, all the legacy systems were replaced with a Tier 1 ERP system integrated with its POS and milk management systems and the solution was rolled out to both UK and Irish businesses.

The Organisation became self-sufficient (i.e. consultant free!) in supporting its ERP and is continually making process improvements in order to deliver efficiencies.

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