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Agribusiness – Business CRM Solution

Where we started

With the shape of the dairy industry set to change following the abolition of the EU milk quota in 2015, coupled with the greater use of technology, Pathfinder‘s client, a large milk processing company, wanted to enhance its customer and supplier experience.

The challenges

Our client’s organisation comprises of Dairy, Agri and Retail businesses each with different priorities and needs as well as diverse views with regards to the value, scope, functionality and the implementation timeline.

The incumbent IT product suppliers together with other external specialist suppliers were pushing their products as the best in class for our client’s business which added to the uncertainty.

Our client just needed to know the tangible value of CRM for their individual businesses, how it will impact them and what product is most suited to them.

What we did

We started by carrying out a short study to validate the return on investment a CRM system would bring to the business. This followed by working closely with the business leaders to understand the impact of CRM on their business areas and to drive out future processes and business requirements as well as business interdependencies and timelines for implementation.

This information became the input to the RFP process which we managed on behalf of our client through to final vendor and software selection.

The outcome

Our client has clarity on the approach to CRM implementation which maximises benefits, has chosen a CRM system that is confident will support their immediate and long term objectives for customer service and growth.

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