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Agribusiness – A Global five-year strategy

Where we started

Our client, a billion-dollar agribusiness within a leading global nutrition and ingredient group decided it required a new strategic approach to developing its business in the significant ‘pre and post-quota elimination’ period from 2015.

Following recommendations received from a number of companies in the agribusiness sector, we were approached to facilitate and drive the development of a new strategy with the Director team and Management.

The challenges

Quota elimination represents the most significant market event in the history of the dairy and agri-business industry since the formation of the single European market. Our client’s dominant position, with substantial market share and scale, meant it was a primary target for competition in a growth market.

In addition, the local economy was still in recession, placing pressure on all sales channels and the cost base; growth was required. Standing still meant decline or even extinction in the new market order.

What we did

As change management consultants, we completed a 14-week process of research and analysis, strategy development and execution planning with the leadership team. This entailed working with all levels of the organisation to develop the team’s understanding of their customers values, what competitors were doing to take market share and margin pool, what shareholders cared about in terms of return on their investment. Finally, we researched what were the internal and external challenges that needed to be overcome in order to deliver strategic growth.

The outcome

We mobilised the team to develop a strategic direction and detailed execution plan which would ensure that the strategy and execution were fully intertwined, understood, owned and living.

We worked with our client to deliver a sustainable growth strategy that from the outset drove substantial growth in market share and margin pool and resulted in a with a happier customer base.

We have been further tasked to lead the Growth and Sustainability Programme to support the changes required to deliver the strategy.

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