Carolyn Low Speaks at March Leaders Dinner

Carolyn Low, Director of Finance and Business Services at NHS National Services Scotland, was the guest speaker at the third of the “Invited Leaders Dinner” series events hosted by Pathfinder, Consultants in Management and The British Irish Chamber of Commerce.

The evening commenced with the gathering of a select guest list of 32 Leaders in Business on the evening of Thursday 25th February at the RDS Members’ club in Dublin. As with all dinners in the series, the evening was held under “Chatham House Rules”, so no media or social posting was allowed, however here is a brief insight into the evening.

Carolyn gave a very open account of her full and fascinating career to date in financial management, strategy development and consulting in the public sector. From her years working as an accountant in local government in Scotland to her consulting career in which she focused on driving change, sustainable cost reduction and service improvement across organisations. Carolyn’s insight and experienced approach to working for transformational change within politically sensitive environments was of particular interest to the group, grounding her points in examples from her time consulting the Leadership within our own Healthcare system here in Ireland.

After dinner  ( our complements as always the RDS catering team), we had a lively Q&A session, during which Carolyn  shared her personal views based on her long career in health and the public sector. Carolyn underlined the fact that there is no silver bullet, no single ratio nor measure that represents the answer to the question of health in Ireland nor beyond. Instead she implored that whilst we continue to address the symptoms, the trolleys in corridors, and the wait times; that we also look beyond to begin addressing with conviction the true root causes of these serious problems; including our social systems, such as education, diet and the social divide.

A terrific evening ended at the appointed time, with a ‘healthy’ debate enjoyed by all on what can, should or could be done.

Tom Byrne, Partner, Pathfinder Consultants in Management, and Host of the evening with Carolyn and Angus Mcfarlane, Director Pathfinder Scotland. The group pose in front of the Painting “Comrades” in the RDS. It represents the 42nd Highlanders “Black Watch regiment”, at the Crimea. Carolyn’s Grandfather was a Member of the regiment.
Carolyn Low addressing the Invited Guests at the Leaders Dinner.
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