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Consultants in Management
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Consultants in Management

It’s not just a simple play-on-words dreamt up by our marketing department. It is an invitation to view the role of consultants from a different perspective. 

Literally speaking, the title ‘consultant’ refers to a person that is an expert in a certain domain and provides advice within it.  We define ‘management’ as organisation, coordination and motivation of people while using processes and tools to accomplish the strategy of the business efficiently. 

If we use these definitions as a guide then the term consultant is often misused by management consulting firms. For example, a young college graduate preforming data analytics for a client cannot be described as an expert within a domain in which the client is seeking advice. We are not diminishing the value of the task but bringing a distinction between resource augmentation and value added consulting services.

On the other hand, experts in Project Management or Lean methods are clearly consultants in their relevant fields. However, we can consider them as consultants in management only if their passion is delivering sustainable business results instead of a methodology, and they have proven track record in doing so.

We define the core principles of being a consultant in management as:

  1. At the pragmatic level, to leverage their clients’ skills, knowledge, experience and expertise to support them in achieving the business results that they (i.e. the client) have promised.
  2. To put the wellbeing of the clients’ organisation first
  3. To make themselves redundant, but their impact sustainable

If you would like to know more about what makes us different please see our methodology or read some of our success stories

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