A Great Evening at the British Embassy

Partner at Pathfinder Tom Byrne, shares with us a few words on his evening at the British Embassy with the outstanding Scottish/Irish Pipe Bands.

As is always the case, it was a pleasure to receive an invitation from John Webster and the team at the Scottish Government innovation and Investment Hub to an evening in the Embassy.

When reviewing the invite, and seeing it was to be an evening of bagpipe music, I approached with some trepidation as W B Yeats had commented many years ago “I firmly believe that distance adds enchantment to the Bagpipes”!

I was greatly mistaken.

It was a wonderful evening with the young people of Morrison’s Academy, Perthshire really impressing the assembled guests.

The age range was from 8 to 18 and they have played in Hong Kong, Oman, New York and now Dublin and Belfast.

The group of students were joined by some Irish Army Pipers and we all left the event with a new vision and respect for excellent traditional musicians.

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